You just retired (or are thinking of retiring). Along with a great career, you have built up a substantial 401(k) balance. It took a while, but you got the hang of investing in equities: never comfortable with the ups and downs, but always focusing on long-term growth.

Can You Really Trust Doing It Yourself?

Retirement Income For YouHowever, now you need income, not growth. Over the years you owned some bonds with mixed success. Moreover, unlike your foray into equity investment, this time you cannot afford on-the-job training. You need the income now. Plus, you have less time to recover from any mistakes.

Or Do You Need a Financial Advisor

  • with a keen understanding of interest rates and the bond market:
  • knowledge that is imperative when one talks about retirement;
  • access to the products necessary to help you transition from growth to income;
  • will research your accounts and let you know if leaving it with your 401(k) is a good option, or roll it over
  • will work to keep your costs low—because, in a low yield world, the less you pay to someone else, the more you keep for yourself

When We Are Done

You get a retirement portfolio where all of your investments work together to meet your retirement income goals.


Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes

Financial Advisor