Counseling You on Your Financial Needs as You Transition to Retirement

Financial Advisor Tim Hayes AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS®, APMA®

  • Understanding interest rates, bonds, annuities, and dividend stock investing along with other transition products can be challenging, if not confusing.
  • As with most things in life, the first step is often difficult, but securing sound financial advice shouldn’t be left until it’s too late.
  • Finding a licensed and knowledgeable resource—it’s the best financial advice you’ll ever receive.

About Tim’s Business, Designations, and Licenses

Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

Independent Advisor

I am an advisor who is not selling any proprietary products or has any sales quotas.

401(k) or 403b Rollover Advice

Figure out whether you should keep your 401(k) or 403(b) with your previous employer or roll it into an IRA


Design a strategy for minimizing your tax burden.

Portfolio Management

Recommend investments, based on an explicit balance of growth vs. security

Due Diligence

Offer a selection process using fi360. Screening 10,000+ funds down to those for use in your retirement portfolio.

Generating Retirement Income

Build a portfolio with the goal of creating enough retirement income but not outliving your money


Your Financial Planning 

5 Step Process

Fact Finder

Gather datafact finder, tax forms, brokerage statements, retirement accounts statements, mutual fund and annuity statements, insurance policies

Financial Planning

Establish goalscomfortable retirement, income needs, second home, travel

Brokerage Statements

Analyze Informationmutual fund and ETF due-diligence, retirement planning, asset allocation and risk tolerance analysis

Financial Planning Process

Recommendationsproduct solutions: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, life insurance plans, tax reduction strategies

Monitor and Update

Monitor and Updateannual reviews, twice a year email updates, monthly brokerage statements, cirstatements online reporting of your accounts

Financial Planning

This financial planning questionnaire (16 page pdf) will help you generate thoughts, questions, and opinions about you personal financial goals and situation. 

Pease complete this discovery questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and return it via encrypted email or bring it with you to your appointment.

Financial Planning Insights