I design your retirement plan to meet the goals of your organization in accordance with ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, and the DOL.

  • I work with your retirement plan’s administrator to build or update your investment policy statement (IPS).
  • Build a template for your company’s 401(k) or not-for-profit 403b based on your investment policy statement that produces plan-specific investment recommendations and reports as well as fee and compliance reports all of which are now required by the government. 
  • Be there when you need me — for enrollments, the continuing education of the employees, and quarterly and yearly fiduciary reviews.
  • I provide investment advice to plan participants, encourage them to take an online risk profile assessment that we can use to help them re-balance their accounts or allocate their contributions.
  • For companies without a retirement plan, I size up and help implement the one (401(k), Profit-Sharing, 403(b), SIMPLE, or SEP) that works best for your company.

* The purpose of the IPS is to setup guidelines for the portfolio or retirement plan.


Section 404© of ERISA requires plan sponsors to provide specific information and education to their employees, and if a plan meets the requirement than the plan sponsor and other fiduciaries are not liable for losses in an employee account.

ERISA 404(c) Compliance Checklist – PDF 3 Pages

404© Can Be a Win/Win for Both You and Your Employees

You eliminate liability and your employees receive the tools to make better decisions, but it is an ongoing commitment.

With the stock market close to all-time highs and the Federal Reserve’s QE program ending it’s a good time to discuss 404© and how Tim’s services could be of benefit.

401(k) Consulting

How Effective Is Your Plan Management Process? (PDF)

Partnering with a credentialed, experienced, and independent financial advisor can help fulfill your requirements. For example, Tim holds employee meetings on asset allocation; provides employees with risk tolerance questionnaires and asset allocation templates as well as detailed information from Morningstar and fi360 on the investment options available in your plan.

Owners and Executives

I can work with you and your attorney to design a non-qualified deferred compensation plan. I can work with your board, partners, executives, or family members to determine if you should own life insurance on any key employees. I help your operation to continue by seeking out an insurance company and type of policy that best matches the goals of your buy/sell agreement.