Retirement Planning for Teachers & Administrators

For the past 26 years, I’ve had the pleasure of providing financial advice to educators as their advisor for their 403b plans.

During this time, I have accumulated a reservoir of knowledge on your retirement system, the social security offset/windfall elimination, 403b plans, and other financial issues specific to educators

Financial Advisor for Your 403(b)

Review the choices in your 403(b) plan recommend one or two and build and monitor your portfolio.

Some of the 403(b) plans I can work with are Fidelity Investments, American Funds, Putnam, Oppenheimer, Security Benefit, MFS.

Teachers Financial Topics

The Public Employee Pension Puzzle

Back in the day before private employers dismantled their traditional pensions and replaced them with 401(k)s, if someone told you that they had a pension, you wouldn’t know whether they worked for the public or private sector.

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