How Effective is Your Plan Management Process?

Kelley Blue Book allows car buyers to compare prices to determine the value of a car relative to its sales price. I use Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc to help retirement plan fiduciaries do the same for their retirement plans.

Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc is an independent and comprehensive benchmarking service for defined contribution plans. I am an independent financial advisor who has been advising retirement plans for over twenty three years.

How Effective is Your Plan Management Process? (PDF)

Together, we are offering you a free Fiduciary Benchmark plan review. The first step in the review is to gather some basic plan information.  I then use Fiduciary Benchmarks’s proprietary database to compare your plan’s fees and expenses to the fees and expenses of similar size plans.

I then provide you with a free report; if after reviewing your report, you discover that your plan needs a “tune-up”, than you can count on me to:

  • Recommend funds that help both the plan and its participants
  • Provide your employees with information to make well-informed retirement planning choices
  • Be there when you need me — for enrollments, the continuing education of the employees, and quarterly and yearly fiduciary reviews.

401(k) Plan Consulting