About Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes

Financial Advisor


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I am an independent Financial Advisor with Cambridge Investment Research and Cambridge Investment Research Adviser,s Inc

Your Financial Planning 

  Starts with gathering your financial information into one place, to generate thoughts, questions, and opinions about your personal financial goals and situation.

Financial Planning Process

You gather your data financial questionnaire, tax forms, brokerage statements, retirement accounts statements, mutual fund and annuity statements, insurance policies 

Financial Planning Process

You establish goalscollege funding, comfortable retirement, income needs, second home, travel

Financial Planning Process

I analyze informationmutual fund and ETF due-diligence, retirement planning, asset allocation and risk tolerance analysis

Financial Planning Process

Make recommendationsproduct solutions: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, life insurance plans, tax reduction strategies

Financial Planning Process

I monitor and updateannual reviews, twice a year email updates, monthly brokerage statements, cirstatements online reporting of your accounts

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