Money Management

Money Management

My money management aligns your risk tolerance and your investments into a custom portfolio so you can better reach your goals.

The Money Management Process

We meet to talk about your goals, and so I can get a snapshot of your current investments. I ask each of my soon-to-be clients to take an online risk profile questionnaire so I can see whether your current investments match your goals and risk tolerance.

If your goals and risk-tolerance are in sync with each other, we may simply fine-tune your current portfolio. But if they are out of whack, I will design a new custom portfolio that better reflects your risks and goals. We commit to reviewing your portfolio at least once a year.

The client needs a minimum of $100,000. It can include just about any account: IRAs, 403(b)s, joint accounts, individual brokerage accounts, etc.

The fee depends on the size of your account and the complexity but is never higher than 1%. The larger the account, the lower the fee.

The accounts are primarily invested in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). All the funds have passed my rigorous due diligence process. Where I screen for fees, performance, fund turnover, and manager tenure.

I design the portfolio to meet your goals. Consistent with how much risk you are comfortable taking.

After the account is the setup, you receive monthly statements, and you can follow your account online with CirStatements. We periodically must meet to review the portfolio and to discuss performance and rebalancing and to check if we are on track to achieve your goals.

If You Don’t Have $100,000 to Invest

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