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Financial Advisor Pension Consultant Boston, MA

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I design and service your retirement plans to meet the goals of your organization in accordance with ERISA, the internal revenue code, and the Department of Labor.

  • I can recommend or work with your retirement plan’s administrator to build or update your investment policy statement (IPS).
  • I can build a template for your company’s 401(k) or ERISA 403(b) based on your IPS. And I can produce plan-specific investment recommendations and reports and fee and compliance reports, which are required by the government.
  • For example, I hold employee meetings to help them understand asset allocation; I also provide employees with risk tolerance questionnaires as well as detailed information from Morningstar, as well as others, on the investment options available in your plan.

More 401(k) Pension Consulting Services

  • check if advisor fees are the same for investments in your plan
  • watch your investments
  • produce ongoing reports

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