Portfolio Analysis and Recommendations

Your Review

Iuse Fi360 Toolkit to provide you with comprehensive investment solutions. The Fi360 Toolkit for Advisors is a web-based investment software solution that provides the analytical, management and reporting features needed to manage and document a prudent investment process – one of the cornerstone tenets of fiduciary duty.

I start your review with fi360’s Proposal Report™ to compare your current holding to a portfolio developed from your risk tolerance. The review can include all of your accounts: 401(k), IRA, 403(b), annuities, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds

  1. Executive Summary — Overview of the proposal, our firm, and the services we provide
  2. Holdings Summary — present the allocation of your proposed and current investments
  3. Style Analysis — by U.S. equity, international equity, and fixed income
  4. Portfolio Performance Analysis — compare the performance of your current and proposed investments
  5. Fee Analysis — current vs. proposed
  6. Risk Tolerance Report
  7. Closing comments and items for your consideration

Sample Review