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I am so glad you asked for a copy of my eGuide – “Your Retirement Handbook”! Your request tells me that you want to make a confident, orderly retirement transition. This handbook is designed as a reference to help you plan one. You’ll find a copy of it attached to this email message.

As you start reading it (it isn’t very long), you will notice that it is written around a timeline. It explains what you may want to do 12-24 months ahead of your envisioned retirement date, 6-12 months away from your retirement date, and so on. Then, it continues into the future – noting things that you may want to address in the first year after you retire, and the year after that. So you have a clear timeline here, easy to read, and easy to reference, while also being very detailed.

The handbook also asks you to think about when you want to retire. You may have a specific date or age in mind, but some people end up changing their minds as the date approaches due to life or financial factors. There are some points in this section that are worth considering, or reconsidering as the case may be.

Retirement planning is truly satisfying work for me. I have made so many friends and met so many special people through this profession. One of the most exciting aspects of retirement planning for me is helping my clients to make the actual transition from one phase of their lives to another. That transition can be liberating!

I think you will get a lot out of this guide. Call me or email me after you take a look at it – I bet you will have a question or a thought or two to run by me, and I would love to hear from you.

Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes

Investment Advisor Representative