Saving for Retirement

Saving money in the right plan, with the right mix of investments, will put you on path towards a comfortable retirement.

Retirement Advisor

Contributing to Your Plan

If you can’t save the maximum, try saving a percentage of your salary. For example 5%. That way as your pay goes up yhe percentage stays the same, but the dollar amount saved goes up.

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Investing Your Retirement Money

A “wise” rule of thumb for retirement planning is to take your age and make that the percentage of your portfolio invested in bonds, so a 55-year-old would have 55% of their portfolio in bonds and 45% in stocks.

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Diversification and Rebalancing: A Retirement Saver's Best Friend

Diversification is the proverbial don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  When rebalancing investors go back to their original allocation.

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Inheriting an IRA

When someone inherits an IRA, the particular relationship between the individual that passed away and the beneficiary dictates the available choices.

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Retirement Planning for Public School Employees

For the past 26 years, I’ve had the pleasure of providing financial advice to educators as their advisor for their 403b plans.

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Self-Employed Retirement Plans

Choosing self employment involves a lot of things one being it can be risky. But it need not be without sufficient retirement saving options.

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