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Federal Reserve

Essential advice for understanding the Federal Reserve

Why an Inverted Yield Curve Matters

Is the Reduction of the Fed’s Balance Sheet a Ticking Time Bomb? Two Financial Heavyweights Weigh In

A dispute is brewing in the financial press between two financial heavyweights: Paul Sheard, Executive Vice President and Chief Economist of S&P Global, and Urjit Patel, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

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The Fed Balance Sheet Reduction Schedule

2017: The Year the Federal Reserve is Living Dangerously

Starting in 2009, the Federal Reserve added a couple trillion dollars of new money to the economy through a quantitative easing program of buying bonds from banks and non-banks. Now the Feds reportedly want to reduce their balance sheet by selling those bonds.

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2017: The Year the Federal Reserve is Living Dangerously

Why Tax Cuts, Combined with the Federal Reserve Reducing its Balance Sheet, is So Risky for Our Economy

The 1% got $5 trillion of help from the Federal Reserve during QE. The bill for that support, which comes due just as the Fed reduces its balance sheet, just got sent to the middle-class through this new tax bill.

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